Mia sorella nascita

26.July.2006 AM3:31

My sister was born today. I have been waiting for this day. Finally the day came.
I am so happy. Io sono contento.

Her name is "Nina".

My papa and mamma wanted to name my sister Nina, and I allowed them to name so.
I like that name in fact.

My name "Fusuke" is difficult to remember for foreign people and its pronunciation is different from Japanese one and Italian one (even English one).
But I think "Nina" is easy for everyone and its pronunciation in foreign language should be almost same as Japanese.

Anyway, look at her!

[Sleeping Nina]

[Yawning Nina]

[Crying Nina]

Nnnnnnnnn. so cute!

By the way, my photo when I was just born is as follows.

[Fusuke Birth]

Do you think she takes after me?