753 (Shichi-go-san)


- Seven in Japanese = Shichi (or Nana)
- Five in Japanese = Go
- Three in Japanese = San

So 753 is pronounced in Japanese as "Shichi Go San", and Shichi-go-san is the festival day for children aged seven, five and three.

Today I had the festival!

Shichi Go San Shichi Go San
With traditional clothes. Bello?
I have a special candy in my hand called "Chitose ame" which is made especially for Shichi-go-san.

Shichi Go San
Con il mio papa` e la mia manma.

Shichi Go San
We visited a shinto shrine.

Shichi Go San
The shinto priest invoked my fortune for me, and ...

Shichi Go San
And he gave me an amulet called in Japanese "Omamori".